Born and raised in the
Philippines where Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has been booming since the past 30 years.
Each hybrid brings in at least a decade of BPO experience in different lines of businesses such as Customer Support, Sales, Virtual Assistance, and other tedious back-end jobs.

Jed Cipriano

Jed has helped startups increase their revenue by building scalable teams and processes and get them acquired for multi million dollars.

"It's been overwhelming how our teammates appreciate our culture of delivering excellent work to our clients while focusing on what's most important in life - our families.

Keep moving forward, Hybrids!"
Arjay Eusores

Having been able to help build comms, sales and operations processes for some of her dream companies, she is now building the company of her dreams.

"Keep moving forward!"
Jap Cipriano

Worked as a finance collector for the biggest banks in the world - until she decided to work as a full time domestic goddess (homemaker). Jap now “collects” Hybrids’ finances and is the wind beneath its wings.

"Keep moving forward!"
William Eusores

The legal mind behind all things Hybrids!

... and also the team’s Mr. Congeniality.

"Keep moving forward!"
Shelly Diomangay

Shelly, an English major, is a self-professed reformed grammar nazi is also our tenacious allrounder wonder woman! She also claims to be a dog whisperer, an avaricious reader and a news junkie.

"Hybrids team has been my "home" for more than three years now. Apart from all the skills I've developed by being a member of this family, I'd like to claim I have become a better person, a better leader because of this team. One can never find a company that truly respects diversity and empowers every team member while promoting a great work culture."
Josie Agdon

The Expert Rock Thunders (Filipino slang for the "more experienced generation") with the ability to cope up with the millennials.

"Working in a very flexible environment relieves the amount of stress my tasks bring. It also gives me a healthier work life balance."
Cely Del Rosario

A Ledger-ndary Accountant and a numbers expert, Mommy Cely is great in verifying missing or erroneous records. She's results-oriented with a high sense of urgency. Her superpower? Restoring balance... to our client's book.

"A "work from home" setting is a beautiful answer to my 2 year-old prayer petition...and working with Hybrids Team makes the long wait all worth it."
Shanelle Padolina

Otherwise known as chatterbox Queen B who reigned all aspects of the Learning & Development training runway of the BPO world. Now, a Queen Mother to a princess and an EOP Business Developer helping to slay and hustle to continue building the Hybrids Empire.

"There's never a dull moment, even as a night owl Queen, because of the great support of a dynamic and awesome "HOME"-ies. Stay woke!"
Claire De Vera

Passionate about her motherhood journey, this well-rounded person loves to laugh about everything under the sun.

"What I love about my Hybrids family? Everyone shares the same vision. Each member is dedicated. Plus we have leaders who make us feel valued."
Jocelyn Constantino

A customer success associate, this mom loves handling customer's concern while having a cup of coffee.

"Hybrids is a great blessing to me. I get to enjoy being a new mom while pursuing my dreams simultaneously."
Lovely Gaviola

A self-proclaimed singer who can brighten up your day or so she claims. In real life, she is an efficient member of the team whose approach to providing customer support is always friendly and warm.

"Hybrids is Ohana, because nobody gets left behind. Here's a team that won't give up on you even when you give up on yourself. "
Ann Alcafaras

One of our lead generation experts, this mom of three beautiful children, juggles work and motherhood with grace. She's very reliable and is an angel to work with.

"Three years and counting! Hybrids taught me things I would not learn anywhere else may it be techie stuff, work etiqutte and even personal growth!

Looking forward to being with this family for more decades (if God wills it!)."
Kath Serenio

"Must Love Dogs" - This Furmom manages her time wisely to not only provide love for her fur babies, but to also be one of our fiercest Pre-Sales teammates in the Hybrids Empire.

"Although we may not see each other on the daily, our virtual relationship has helped me get through day to day. I love this crazy work family!"
Alvyn Serenio

He might be the youngest but certainly one of the toughest results-driven hybrid.

"Keep moving forward!"
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What does building a
Hybrid team look like?
The quality of work in a corporate setting
at a "crowdsourcing" price.

You can start with a "team" of one (1) Hybrid!
No minimum quantity of teammates required.